buyer's guide

Buying a home can be one of the most exciting and complex adventures of your life, this can be true whether you are buying your first home or have bought several homes in the past. With the right support system in place you can avoid the process becoming time-consuming and costly.

The first step in the home buying process before even beginning your search is to determine why you want to buy a home. Are you tired of paying rent? Are you looking for an investment property? Determine why you are buying a property will help your decision making process. Considering your wants and needs in a home will also help to narrow your search. How many rooms do you need? What neighborhood do you want to live in? Defining your preferences before hand will help to filter out houses that do not meet your needs.

Purchasing a home is one of the largest financial investments you can make. Whether you are buying your first home, moving down the street or relocating – it is important to have a trusted real estate professional. Working with a qualified agent can simplify the buying process, guiding you through the home search, submitting a purchase agreement, inspections and appraisals, and closing. Having an agent with your best interests can help the process go as smoothly as possible and ease some of your stress.

Knowing your budget and speaking with a mortgage professional will help you determine your buying power and focus your search which will save you time and stress. A mortgage professional can help you determine how much you can afford, how much you will need to put towards the down payment and closing costs, walk you through the differnet loan options and other expenses associated with buying a home.

Upon finding a home you are interested in, your agent will assist in making a fair offer based on the comparable homes in the target area. Once the offer has been accepted, you will need to make your down payment and be official under contract. During the time between signing the purchase agreement and the closing date your agent will assist you in understanding the conditions, provisions, and requirements of the contract. Your agent will also guide you through the inspection and appraisal process.

The final step in the home buying journey is the closing, this is where the official transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer occurs. At the closing is where you sign your mortgage documents to finalize the purchase, you are then handed the keys to your new home to begin your new adventure.